Traditional European Naturopathy

The history of Traditional European Naturopathy goes back to Hippokrates, today known as the father of medicine, who lived and worked around 400 B.C. and has set the main principles of medicine which are still followed by modern day Naturopaths. The most important principle is vis medicatrix naturae - the healing power of nature. The aim of a Naturopathic Treatment is not to get rid of a single symptom but to find the cause of the symptom(s) and to rebalance the system in order to empower the body to resolve the cause.
A Naturopathic Treatment is not only the process of prescribing a herb or a supplement but it is a change of lifestyle, nutrition and mindset, all of which contributes to finding a better balance, physically and mentally. The balance between mind, body and soul is at the centre of the Naturopathic Treatment. Depending on the situation it can include herbal and/or homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower remedies, nutritional changes to the client's diet, suggestion of supplements and/or physical methods such as reflexoloxy, cupping or moxa. We also take a look at the circumstances in which the client lives and suggest changes to the client's lifestyle which cover areas such as excercise, rest, work-life-balance and mental and emotional processes and development. This is what is called a holistic therapy approach.
We at Living Health Naturopathy see in conventional medicine a very powerful tool to overcome life-threatening situations and as a valuable part of the whole medical world and alternative medicine provides a profound and holistic approach that helps our recovery

after conventional treatment and to prevent serious illness and disease.

It is most beneficial for the client to have the best of both worlds and we are here to provide our part.


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